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Noise on the MF and HF Bands

RadCom Article on Noise Sources from 1 to 30MHz

The article discusses the different types of noise - galactic, atmospheric and man-made and shows how they effect reception on the MF and HF Bands.

LED Noise Lecture Notes

LED Noise Lecture - Notes and Slides

LED noise is one of many EMC problems that beset Amateur Radio.  Other noise sources include broadband, solar panels and cheap domestic appliances imported from the far east.  Small active (receive only) antennas offer one way to reduce EMC at home QTHs.  Most up-market transceivers have separate receive only inputs and some others have simple converter kits.

Active Loops

Files relating to Open and Shielded Active Loops

Magnetic Loops

Files relating to Magnetic Loops

Mini Whips

Files relating to Mini Whips

RF Preamps

Files relating to RF Preamps

Receiver Switching

Files relating to RF Switching

Web SDRs

Web SDR - UK Sites


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